Recently there has been a shift towards living a healthy life. The loaded cheese pizzas and burgers are not much loved and in the favorites as it used to be. The weight-loss techniques and yoga routines are being sought after more and more. The people are now more in need of physical and mental fitness. The fast moving and highly competitive environment make it imperial for people to indulge in activities that culminate into higher energy levels leading to more productive and effective work. The right kind of food, activities, and practices can help you boost your metabolism rate of your body. It will eventually burn faster and provide the energy you need throughout the day.

Tips to increase metabolism:

Proper food intake

Proper food intake is the most important when you are thinking to boost your metabolism. Having a healthy body has been mixed up with a toned up body. Going on a strict diet can lead to decreased immunity and metabolism rate. It would rather be good to have the right kind of food to maintain the calorie intake required by the body to keep the metabolism going at the required rate. Reducing the food intake for a prolonged time puts brakes on your body’s metabolism. Our body requires around 1200 calories of food every day. You should eat just enough to not feel hungry and increase your metabolism rate.



Yoga is one of the most useful ways by which you can increase your metabolism. The different postures are known as ‘Asanas’ used in Yoga and a combination of exercises covering the whole of the body. This helps you release the oxidants trapped in your body by increasing your metabolism. The best thing about Yoga is that you don’t need a specific place like gyms or any equipment. You can simply take out your yoga mat anywhere and just start off with your routine.



Contrary to popular perception that meditation requires a lot of concentration and mental stability it can be done by everyone. The benefits of meditation are many. They including increased metabolism activity. It provides the much-needed rest to your mind and the millions of cells in the body. People who have been meditating regularly have expressed an improvement in their energy levels and a sharp reduction in stress and anxiety, which is a result of an increase in metabolism rate.


Drink Less

This does not mean drinking less water. The weekend parties and late night-outs negatively impact the better and effective working of the metabolism activity in your body. When you start drinking, the body starts burning less fat because alcohol is used as a fuel instead, thereby reducing the fat burning activity. Having two glasses of martini can actually reduce the fat burning activity in the body by around 73 per cent. So, drink less or you can even quit if that is not much of a problem to you.


Eat more of organic food

Researchers have shown that individuals that accumulate more of organochlorines that are pollutants from pesticides, in their body demonstrate high chances of a fall in their body. These organochlorines are stored in fat burning cells that interfere in the fat burning process of the body. Some researched also show that pesticides culminate weight gain. It for this reason advisable to have more and more of organic food which in turn increases metabolism activity in the body.


Drinking milk

There is evidence of researches conducted by various organizations that show that calcium deficiency, a common phenomenon in women, results in a slower metabolism activity in the body. Consuming dairy products like fat- free milk, low-fat yogurt helps to decrease more of fats being absorbed from other types of food that you eat.


Drinking more bottles of water

Research in Germany has shown that drinking more of water, cold water specifically can raise the metabolism activity in our body. The theory behind this is that the activities that help in bringing the cold water to body temperature, increases the metabolism rate of the body. On an average 6 cups of water, a day is good enough to maintain the balance of metabolism.


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