How to Choose a Jewelry Box

Though you may not realize it, the tangled collection of jewelry at the bottom of a random drawer in your room will be much easier to manage once you find an appropriate jewelry box. While you may still have the small jewelry box that was the container for your precious plastic when you were a child, as an adult, you need a box that fits your current jewelry collection. You may even want a box you can display in your room that matches your current decor.


If you desperately need to organize your jewelry collection, read on for guidelines on choosing a new jewelry box.


Jewelry Boxes for Men

men jewelry box

Though it’s 2016 and cufflinks might not be a daily part of many men’s lives, rings, watches, necklaces, and earrings are currently popular trends. While a watch box is a good way to keep your timepieces organized, you may also need a box for your other accessories. When exploring online or at department stores, you’ll find a number of sturdy jewelry boxes made of leather or wood with sections. Look for a box that has a section with slots for your rings, small cubes for stud earrings or pendants, and vertical door to hang necklaces.


Brooches and Pins


While decorative pins and brooches aren’t as popular to wear as they once were, you might have a collection handed down from your great aunt or grandmother. Instead of a traditional jewelry box, consider displaying these broaches among your other decor with a sectioned, glass top box. These types of boxes come in plush velvet, glass, and even wood, so you can find a style that suits your current decor.


A Little Bit of Everything


Certain jewelry boxes are great multi-taskers. They have lots of drawers, sections, and shelves in different sizes, so you can store nearly every piece of jewelry you have—from chunky cuff bracelets to teeny nose rings.


Pair Earrings and Necklaces, Bangles Together

T bar jewelry holder

If your jewelry collection contains a large number of dangling earrings, a flat box may not be what you need. To keep your earrings untangles and on display, shop for a T-bar earring holder. This holder is generally shaped like a “T” and has small holes along the crossbar where your can line your earrings. You can also hang necklaces around the center bar to keep them untangled and easily match earrings and necklaces when dressing up.


Travel Jewelry Boxes


If you travel a lot and need your jewelry with you at all times, a travel jewelry box may be exactly what you’re looking for. There are all sorts of travel jewelry boxes, many are soft-sided and some actually roll up for super simple packing. Getting a jewelry box specifically for travel is better than a traditional jewelry box, as these generally have more padding and secure fittings to hold your jewelry better during flights and drives.


If your jewelry is small and you don’t need a large container, you may want to grab a box of pill dispensers from a local drug store. These sectioned boxes aren’t large enough to hold bangles or large pendants, but you can easily pack gold studs, simple chain necklaces, rings, small hoops, small lockets or pendants, and anklets. The individual sections of the dispenser will keep everything organized.


Rings, Rings, Rings

ring box


If you have a thing for rings, you can get a flat tray, meant specifically to display rings. While these boxes won’t be in the traditional jewelry box section, you can find them online or at craft stores. These ring holders vary in size and can hold from one to more than two dozen rings at a time. Some boxes are completely open, while other have a glass or wooden lids.

If you already have a beautiful box, you can find velvet inserts with slits that can be placed into an existing container to hold your rings securely.


Jewelry Boxes as Gifts


If you’re buying a jewelry box as a gift, there are many things you need to consider. You don’t want to buy the same jewelry box for a 10-year old girl as you would for a 50-year old man. Think of the following before you purchase a box:


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Type of Collection
  • Size of Collection


If the gift is for a special occasion, you may want to get the box engraved or personalized. You should also keep in mind the ecological preferences of your recipient. If they’re vegetarian or vegan, you may want to avoid leather or leather-trimmed jewelry boxes.


Your Personal Style

jewelry box

While some people prefer wood and velvet boxes, others may like intricate silver designs. Some people even enjoy creating their own jewelry boxes from DIY tutorials or personalizing a simple box with engraving and embellishments. The important thing to remember when selecting a jewelry box is that it fits your style as well as your jewelry collection.


From ornately carved, rare-wood boxes to velvet-lined silver boxes—the choices are endless, so take your time and find the one perfect for you. Explore online boutiques, thrift shops, and department stores before making your choice to ensure that you find a box you love.





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