How To Dress To Impress?

Fashion is a form of art and for many people, a vital form of self-expression. Every outfit makes a creative statement on how the person wishes to be viewed in the world. Therefore, in order to dress to impress, a conscious effort must be made to create an outfit that will speak to the masses. 

Of course, according to the occasion and your personal style, dressing to impress will mean something a little different for everyone. Whether you are attending a soiree or are trying to establish a new persona in your workplace, letting your outfit express your inner personality is a must. Even subtle accessories, like jewelry, bracelets, or rings, can speak volumes about who you are as an individual and contribute to showcasing your unique traits. Although it may not always seem easy when trying to impress others, especially those who are well-dressed themselves, dressing in the latest styles and donning the newest trends can make going out into public more fun and exciting.

Read on to learn foolproof methods to successfully dress to impress—for any occasion. Start dressing to impress with our tips below.


Follow Trends

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In order to be on top of trends, or even the one that starts them, you must follow them. Pay attention to fashion blogs to see the latest in street fashion. Pay close attention to the brands and types of clothing that your favorite celebrities wear, because they usually have a stylist that helps them stay on top of trends. In addition, Instagram is a great app to keep up with daily fashion without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Simply type in the hashtag #OOTD or #outfitoftheday to see what fashionable people all over the world are wearing. It’s important to remember that gaining inspiration from those who you aspire to dress like is key to having a singular focus and direction.


Shop Everywhere

A great way to find trendsetting pieces that will impress with originality is to shop in unique places for fashion pieces. Shopping online at online boutiques is the easiest way to do so because you never have to leave your house. However, if you have an appetite for adventure and travel, be sure to purchase clothing from whatever cities you are visiting, for pieces that absolutely no one back home will have.

In addition, shopping at smaller boutiques instead of department stores will bring an air of originality and unique style. Another simple way to dress to impress is to purchase items from very expensive and exclusive designers, as they often make them in small quantities, ensuring their rarity and desirability. Or find a solid imitation of the designer clothes you love; often, retailers will craft their new collections in the image of designer clothing, but at a much lower price point.


Let Your Life Imitate Art

Have you ever looked at an actress in a movie and wish you could be her? Even though you can’t have her storyline, you most definitely can appropriate her style. Chances are that if you admired her style, others did as well. Therefore, a great way to dress to impress would be to simply gain fashion inspiration from your favorite movie characters for every occasion. All you have to do is imagine how the character would choose the best outfit, and copy that style for a trendy look. You may even start to hear compliments about how you resemble that particular fashionista, and they may not even realize that was your intention all along.


Become Basic

Classic styles and cuts of clothing will forever remain sophisticated and chic. Dressing up basics in unusual ways is currently trending. In addition to this being an easy way to dressing to impress, it will also save your wallet from hurting. Basics can be found in most stores and online boutiques, such as District Clothing. Wearing basics is a timeless way for people to dress well for any occasion, even if they don’t wish to follow trends.

Dressing for yourself is of the utmost importance when you’re trying to impress others. By allowing your unique personality to shine through, you can guarantee that your outfits are memorable and spectacular. Be sure to be vigilant if you wish to dress to impress because fashion waits for no one!



Author Bio:

Melanie G. is a fashion blogger and a runway model from Los Angeles, California. With over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, she has heavily influenced designers with her unique style and has worked with celebrities around the world. When she is not busy traveling and styling new looks, she enjoys writing, reading, and working out.

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