8 Effective Essential Oils to Remove Skin Pigmentation

Essential oils are nothing but the secret blend that is used by a number of beauticians and common people across the world. There are a number of essential oils available in the market out of which you can get the best oil that will help you get rid of hyper-pigmentation. When it comes to using essential oils to remove skin pigmentation, it needs proper care and understanding while application. You need to make sure that you understand the basic rules and about the ingredients before using them on your skin.

Hyper-pigmentation is referred to as the white and dark patches that develop on the skin in some areas of the body. The hyperpigmentation of the skin is not only restricted to only face or hands.

Pigmentation of the skin is generally caused by sunburn, excessive exposure to Sun, damage due to overuse of beauty products, etc. Hyperpigmentation, when not treated, makes the skin sensitive.


Get rid of hyper-pigmentation naturally with the help of below listed 8 essential oils-


Tea Tree Oil


When it comes to treating sensitive skin, nothing can be better than tea tree oil. This Essential oil helps in curing excessive acne because its main ingredient is benzoyl peroxide acid which eliminates dead skin cells and acne prone bacteria from the skin.

Tea tree oil helps in fading away acne and other facial marks or scars with regular usage making the skin tone become one shade lighter and brighter. The list of advantages of using tea tree oil is not limited which makes it the best option to get rid of hyperpigmentation as well.



Lemon Oil


Lemon juice comes with numerous skin healing properties which keep the skin lightened, brightened, and acne free. Generally, hyperpigmentation is caused because of the acne scars present in the skin. The Acne scars can be reduced with the help of regular application of lemon oil.

Lemon oil is an extract from the lemon peels which is highly rich in citric acid and Alpha hydroxyl acid that potentially help in lightening the skin tone with regular usage and reduce the hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Beauticians recommend using lemon oil onto the acne prone skin regularly to get rid of acne and other pimple-causing germs because it is the best oil for skin discoloration.



Frankincense Oil


This is among the best oils to reduce skin pigmentation and treat scars. The oil has a rich Woody essence that comes from the resin of the plant. Frankincense oil is considered as the oil with most powerful antiseptic and healing properties. If you have a dark skin tone, you can apply the frankincense oil onto the skin directly little by little to brighten it and give it the natural glow you have been looking for.

Regular applications of this oil remove hyperpigmentation and acne marks naturally.



Sandalwood Oil


Sandalwood oil has been used in numerous beauty products by the leading manufacturers across the world because of its endless benefits. Sandalwood oil helps in softening the skin tone and reduces conditions like skin irritation and rashes.

If you want to remove all the acne marks and discoloration caused by under the skin, you can take the help of sandalwood oil that will help in healing the scar tissues from the inside and give you the natural glow.

Sandalwood oil is considered as one of the best effective Essential oil that helps in getting rid of hyperpigmentation from the roots.



Eucalyptus Oil


This Essential oil comes with most effective healing properties. It is the best option when you are looking for effective remedies for headaches, fighting respiratory problems, and other related health problems. It helps in providing relief to the skin in the cases of sunburns, inflammation, and other skin problems.

When it comes to reducing hyper-pigmentation and the Acne spots, you can mix Eucalyptus oil with jojoba oil in the ratio of 1:4 and apply on the skin eventually.


Jojoba Oil


If you are looking for the fastest ways to reduce skin pigmentation, you need to take the help of Jojoba essential oil. Jojoba oil acts as natural oil for your skin eliminating any excess release of oil from the skin.

This helps in relaxing the sebaceous glands and restoring the lost oil balance of your skin. Hyper-pigmentation can be treated at its fastest with the help of jojoba oil.



Argan Oil


Argan oil is considered as a miracle ingredient and the best oil for skin pigmentation that has been advertised by the cosmetic brands. Argan oil help in keeping the skin vitalized and removes various skin problems like dryness, hyperpigmentation, acne, and aging.

There are endless benefits of using argan oil on to the skin. When it comes to applying Essential oil on sensitive skin suggest the face, people need to be careful about the amount of oil they use on the face.

Whether it is any Essential oil or any other product, you need to understand that your facial skin is the most sensitive skin in your entire body that requires a lot of attention and care. Make sure to use the minimum amount of products while applying on the face no matter whether it is a makeup product or an Essential oil.



Almond Oil


Dreaming of a healthy and radiant skin is nothing new because everybody wants it by hook or by crook. One needs to understand that skin tones differ from a person to another which is why you cannot have the glow and the skin tone as that of your own brother or sister no matter how similar products you use or how good care you take off a skin.

Applying almond oil provides your skin a sufficient amount of Vitamins such as A, B, and Vitamin E. It holds the moisture in the skin cells preventing the dryness and pollutants. It is excellent when it comes to getting rid of marks and dark spots on the skin, almond oil lighten up the acne scars and all types of blemishes making your skin acne proof and Radiant.


These are a few essential oils that are helpful in treating hyperpigmentation. You can go through the list in detail and learn what suits your skin the best. There are several other Essential oils as well available in the market that you can take the help of to reduce hyper-pigmentation and Acne spots but the above listed 8 essential oils are considered as the best effective remedies to treat the acne marks.