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Fall is the best time of the year for fashion-aficionados. Not only does the holy grail September Vogue issue grace our lives and slay our newsstands, but we are also able to be more adventurous with our clothing. Fall is that special time of year where perfect weather allows us to wear nothing but our favorite bulky sweater and knee-high boots one day, and a cute mini dress paired with a jean jacket the next. Because of the versatility that fall brings, many people get overwhelmed by all of the variety and flexibility within this fashion season. It’s important to maintain a strong theme in every outfit, so you can mix and match your ensembles just right. If you’re looking for some irresistible fall outfits, read on for more fall looks and ideas.

Jean Jackets

A good jean jacket is the perfect transition piece into the fall for any diva on a budget. Jean jackets have the ability to turn most outfits meant for the summer, into a fall outfit. Pair a flirty, short dress, normally worn during the summer, with a jean jacket and a some tights, for classic fall looks. A jean jacket is also a great compliment to basic layering shirts and tanks, as well as funky graphic tees or printed tops.



sweatersFall is the beginning of sweater weather. A great sweater should be comfortable, chic, and versatile. One of the fun trends on the fall runway this year are animal printed knits. Find your favorite animal on a sweater and pair it with jeans and boots for an irresistibly comfortable and cute outfit.

While in some climates, fall weather might still be on the hotter side, light sweaters and cardigans can be worn to enhance any outfit. For fall weather on the hotter side, a light, oversized sweater can be worn with leather shorts and booties for a chic, yet comfortable look. You can find cute fall sweaters, in a number of colors and textures, at many online boutiques or vintage clothing stores.

Mini Skirts

A great mini skirt is the perfect piece to have in your wardrobe year round. Mini skirts come in many textures, lengths, and fabrics and are as versatile as fall fashion itself. A good mini skirt is a must for the fall because of how flexible it can be for your wardrobe.

While in the summer months mini skirts tend to be more of a casual trend, in the fall, they can be dressed up or down depending on the way you accessorize. For a casual, fall look, wear a distressed jean skirt with combat boots and a ¾ sleve shirt from District Clothing. For a cute and sophisticated look for the office, try a textured leather skirt, with a crisp button down, a blazer, and oxfords.


Scarves are the ultimate accessory for the fall. They come in a variety of patterns and colors and can be worn with pretty much any outfit. Much like jean jackets, scarves have the ability to turn many summer outfits into fall outfits. They also add flavor and texture to a plain outfit with minimal effort. If you wear a long sleeve shirt and jeans, spice the outfit up with a scarf to make a fashion statement. You can also use scarves as a number of other accessories, including hair wraps, belts, and shawls.


The Duster


A favorite among many designers and stores this fall is the kimono style duster cardigan. A patterned cardigan that falls below the knee, the kimono cardigan comes in many flowery prints and light materials.

For those who live in warmer climates the kimono duster acts as amazing outerwear for a layered outfit without adding bulk or heavy material to your look. Choose a print that incorporates fall colors, like burgundy, brown, or burnt orange, and you’ll have a Fall looks that’s fantastically flirtatious.


Throwback Fashion


There is definitely something charming and enticing about fall looks from past ages. Many eras are making their way back into the popular purview with styles from the 20s, 50s, and 80s coming back into fashion. Retro colors and 80s rock glam are extremely fun to play with during the fall, especially since they can act as accent pieces for simple ensembles.

Going even further back in time, haute couture runways are drawing on even older inspirations for their fall clothing lines. Edwardian, Victorian, and Renaissance eras are all in evidence as corsetry, velvet, bell sleeves, and large, frilly bow ties are everywhere. Choose an empire waist for 17th century French fashion, a high collar for Edwardian era elegance, or a corset to imply a stylish Renaissance woman.


Shop ‘Til You Drop

To find excellent pieces for your wardrobe this fall, be sure to scour your local mall, online boutiques, and thrift stores. You never know where the perfect piece to complete your fall wardrobe might be hiding. Explore a range of fall styles and trends today!


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Frankie Little is a fashion designer and freelance writer from Los Angeles. Combining her personal passion for style with her expertise in the fashion industry, she has helped to develop new lines for fashion houses around the world. When she is not busy designing and attending fashion shows, she enjoys writing informative articles geared towards helping others create new seasonal looks.


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