Grow Your Hair Miraculously With Guava Leaves

How many times have we looked at the flawless, shiny and perfect tresses of the celebrities and wondered how on earth do they manage to flaunt those lovelies?

We all want beautiful, long and shiny hair that would dazzle every single time. But in reality, good hair days happen once in a blue moon. The added stress of incessant hair fall is a menace we have seemed to make peace with.  I am sure most of us must have spent some hard earned money at those salon rituals to combat this menace but all in vain. If you identify with most of this then we may have just the best news for you.

Guava, essentially a tropical fruit tastes sweet and tangy and leaves a great aftertaste. Guava fruit is known for its numerous health benefits. From diabetes to high levels of cholesterol to poor digestive ability to allergies and respiratory complexities, Guavas are beneficial in providing relief and easing symptoms of these and many other ailments too. However, it is the Guava leaves that are a treasure trove of nutrients that have been recently proven to miraculously reduce hair loss and promote new hair growth.


What is in a Guava Leaf?

Guava Leaves are the new super medicine for your hair fall. Guava leaves are a treasure of Vitamin C, potassium, Vitamin A, Lycopene and fibre.  Apart from that, it is also abundant in Vitamin B complex that promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall significantly. Forget expensive salon visits for a variety of hair treatments. Just make a potion of these guava leaves and use it to magically improve the quality of your tresses.


Directions to Use Guava Leaves

   Guava leaves are available in abundance in and around neighborhood; you just need to recognize the correct tree.

  1.    Pluck around ten to fifteen of these and then wash them thoroughly.
  2.    Once clean put these in a vessel filled with a litre of water and cover and bring it to a boil.
  3.    Let the water level reduce to 3/4th of the original quantity.
  4.    Allow the liquid to cool down at room temperature.
  5.    Strain the liquid and bottle it.
  6.    Refrigerate the bottle to use it for a longer duration of time.
  7.    You can use the mix every day on the scalp and hair roots.
  8.    Use a cotton pad to dab the liquid at the hair roots and leave it on your scalp for 2 hours or let it dry    overnight.
  9.    You can use a mild shampoo to wash off the remaining potion from the hair.
  10.    Continue this treatment for at least a month or two to see significant results


It’s time to bid a happy farewell to your hair fall woes and implement this completely natural and effective method to curb hair loss. Guava leaves are indeed capable of re-growing your hair at an accelerated rate owing to its rich nutrient content. The potion combines all the nutrients of the leaves into a ready-to-use mixture. It is easy to make and convenient to use almost every day.

So girls, what are you waiting for go hunting for those guava trees in and around your neighborhood to make a magic potion for your hair.

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