Everyday Habits That are Aging You

Aging is a disturbing factor and is believed inevitable. Though, It is true to some extent yet there are few habits that are aging you prematurely.



You do like bulldogs and pugs, don’t you? Well, aging would make you look like a hybrid of bulldog and a pug, this may sound offensive to you but that’s the truth. Those two dogs might be cute and adorable for the rest of the world, but not an aged you. If you think that people age only, when they get sixty years old or above, then you are wrong.



You must be busy now; doing something, watering the baby plants of aging. If you don’t want to have crinkle and wrinkles on your face before-time or you want to slow down your speeding car of aging, then read these habits of your daily lives which are stealthily making you look all oldie and you don’t even know!


The process of aging can even kick-start anytime if you continue with the habits mentioned below.



Yes! These are your habits; as you do these activities in your daily routine. Just like every poison has an antidote. We don’t want to leave you with the problems itself, hence we have even clubbed their remedies with the help of which you can prove this famous idiom wrong that “Old habits die-hard”:



Isn’t this ironic that you like to get your hands on latest gadgets and gizmos all new, looking ‘young’ as a baby, but they just make you look obsolete and ‘old’ with each passing day, when you bend your head for a long time, to look at that little bright screen of your Smartphone, Tablets and other such appliances.

You become prone to “Tech Neck”, this way you increase the gravitation pull-off your face resulting in sagging skin, double chin and dropping jaw lines, also known as ‘Smartphone Face’.


REMEDY: The solution always lies in the problem, if the technology is aging you it can even save you from the same. If you want to be “Tech-Free” you can get apps like Offtime, Breakfree or Time up available both for iOS and Android users. They will be no less than your lifeguards.



This may sound odd to you, but this isn’t a lie. If you are addictive of pouting, winking, squinching (wrinkling your eyes as if sharp sun rays are falling on them) sipping drinks from straws and by excessively eating chewing gums you are aging yourself. How? It’s because of the excessive facial movements you make.

By pouting and using straws, you pucker your lips; this causes lines to appear on your lips. By winking and squinching you disturb the delicate thin skin at the corner of your eyes, which is the starting point of aging. This is also one of the reason, it is said that you should not rub corners of your eyes as put strain on the delicate collagen around your eyes. So, It forms one of the hidden habits that are aging you.


REMEDY: Try to lessen such facial movements, especially pouting! Like it is said, a smile is the best makeup you can put on, so just smile. Chug down your drinks from glasses and tumblers like an adult! You are not a baby anymore, who can’t even grasp them by hands. Don’t chew gums for a long time, in the madness of toning of your cheeks.



We are sure you must be sitting in a slouched position right now, reading this. Tummy in, chest out and chin up! Soldier! You will feel the difference. Your body posture does not only affect your body figure but it also has its effect on the momentum of aging. By slouching you can get yourself a hump like a camel when you get old.

Not only this, when you slouch you put stress on your backbone, this cause fatigue which makes our body stressed. And both body and mental stress, my friend; are the major causes of aging. When you slouch you lengthen and stretch your upper body skin, your skin is not a rubber band which is stretchable. This can accelerate aging.


REMEDY: Try to work by standing, if you have a desk job and you keep on sitting on your chair all the time. Practice Bikram Yoga and other such exercises that would improve your body posture. You must make sure that your ears, shoulders, and hips form a straight line, for a straight back. Slouching is again another habit that is aging you.



Listen to this very carefully; if you sleep with your face on one side of the pillow then you invite aging, every night. It’s because crease lines also called as ‘Sleep Lines’ gets imprinted on your face, it does affect wrinkles. If you don’t complete your 7-8 hour sleep, that’s also a thing of concern, because when you don’t complete your sleep, the next day you yawn, remember our talk on excessive facial movement, above.

If you keep on thinking about a thing with a concentrated mind, your mind will keep on working and you won’t sleep. You need to keep that bee out of your bonnet to relax your mind, only then you can catch some z’s.


REMEDY: You may not be able to sleep on your back if you are habituated to sleep on your side. One thing you can do is, get yourself a silk pillowcase; they go easy on your face than cotton or other fabric cases. We would recommend you to sleep early, don’t use any tech gadgets one hour before going to bed as they stimulate your mind, making it more active. If you’re still facing trouble with your sleep, then here is sleep LifeHack, you can blink your eyes real fast, this would make your eyes tired and you will fall asleep.



You are one busy bee, you multitask and you bring day and night together for meeting your deadlines. You gulp down all carbonated and caffeinated drinks, you gorge on tinned and frozen food, and you want everything fast and quick like your favorite fast food chain restaurant.

You think walking on one’s office corridors is an exercise itself, running after children at home, asking them to eat their food is your domestic gym. You sleep late; you put on heavy makeup to hide your dark circles and puffy eyes.

If you have a role to play in any one of the scenes above, then you should quit your stage play, right now!


REMEDY: When you drown yourself in many tasks, you want everything to be completed and flawless in this way you put stress on yourself. Take breaks intermittently, in this way, you’ll boost both your productivity and efficiency. If you take the stress, you would shorten your DNA strand and fill your face with lines of old age.


Eat fruits and green veggies, because they have all the goodness needed to protect your skin. The food you also affects your mental state of mind, because if you take in ‘bad sugar’ and ‘bad carbohydrates’ you start thinking negatively and you would also feel drowsy. Now, to keep yourself awake you would want coffee or tea to come for your rescue. Don’t drink such things, drink water, it would keep you awake and hydrated, as dry skin is more prone to aging.


If the thought of exercise scares you, start with brisk walking daily, it’s also an exercise too. Take baby steps towards a healthy and vivid lifestyle. Be an early morning birdie; wake up from your nest after completing 7-8 hours sleep. This way you won’t have any bags under your eyes and your skin would radiate with freshness.


Don’t forget that little things can do wonders, just like these little effective remedies would slow down the tick-tick of your aging clock. You should invest your time in these little effective remedies or get ready to waste your life hard-earned money in buying expensive anti-aging creams.

Learn few Anti–Aging tips to look beautiful.

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