How The Hoodie Became High End

The clothing industry has undergone a revolution in the past decade, and activewear companies are thrilled to be a part of amazing changes that bring trendiness, affordability, and quality together. There’s a demand for activewear clothing that is fashionable yet comfortable. The hoodie perfectly embodies both of these qualities. Hoodies, once considered to be leisurewear, are now considered luxe and stylish.


A New Generation of Style

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Hoodies weren’t always high end—blame bad fabric, poor fit, and shabby construction. Luckily for today’s shoppers, innovation in the design and style of hoodies means that they are back and better than ever. Now, designers are putting much more thought into how the hoodie can work for a twenty-first century audience who is always on the go and needs a closet full of stylish, but easy-to-wear options. Ultra-soft fabrics, flattering shapes, and bright colors mean that you can rock a hoodie and always look put together, polished, and up for anything.


Comfort and Style Combined


When workout wear and leisure styles first became popular, hoodies were just something you wore on your way to the gym or when you were lounging around the house. However, any fashionista will attest that the rules regarding hoodies have changed. Some of the top designers in America and Europe have focused their energy on creating more wearable, stylish, clothes, making hoodies a staple for luxury labels. Hoodies still convey a laid-back brand of cool, and they can be worn for almost any occasion when styled correctly.


Styling Your Hoodie


Another reason that the hoodie has become high end is that fashion types are choosing to style them in new and exciting ways. Even the most elite celebrities are snapped running around town in hoodies of various colors and textures. Billionaire Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg is known for donning his hoodie day in and day out while running one of the most important companies in the world. Styling your hoodie is a way to own your look, so don’t be shy about trying out different looks. Try dressing up a hoodie with skinny jeans and heels, or layering it with other textures, like button downs in chambray and flannel. Hoodies are versatile enough that you can wear a jacket over them for another take on the layered look. We love denim jackets combined with a brightly-colored hoodie sweatshirt. You’ll be warm and comfortable while conveying a relaxed, effortless sense a style.


Author Bio: Carolyn Clarke is a freelance content writer for District Clothing, a fashion forward clothing line with an emphasis on quality and comfort. When not writing, Carolyn enjoys dabbling in freelance photography and curling up with a good book.


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