7 of the Biggest Instagram Makeup Trends This Year

With the influence of social media and the beauty industry, more and more makeup trends arise almost every month. Don’t get us wrong, we love to try out new makeup tricks and hair color and styles—to some extent.

On-point brows, contour and strobing, glitter roots, opal hair color, clown contouring, multi-masking, hand makeup, to name a few are some of the many whimsical (weird) beauty trends that have surfaced on Instagram, the most loved photo and short video sharing app.

Instagram is home for the latest news and beauty trends in the beauty industry. Some are truly beautiful while some are weird and too bold to wear outside. Here are a few of the makeup trends that took Instagram by storm this year.


Glitter freckles

glitter freckles makeup trends

                                                                     Image source: Instagram user emmak.jpg

Step aside faux freckles and natural freckles, both are so last year so here’s something more mischievous and . . . strange? This one attracted many unicorn heads and those who loves all things sparkly.

Yes, trendsetters are flourishing their faces with glitter freckles. And yes, you’ll get strange looks when you order a coffee at Starbucks with your face sparkled with glitters. The trend is playful per se and though we’d rather see you in your natural freckles on a day-to-day basis, it would be fun to see you wearing glitter freckles in all your fancy might on festivals and parties.



We all want to don full and natural-looking brows. Albeit this trend often fails to embody the latter, the Insta-brow trend has evolved into two different styles: the overdone, dark, and unnatural-looking one, and the faded, wearable on occasions brow.

The first one being the original eyebrows-on-fleek trend—overdone and stenciled-on. Yes, it looks great in photos but up completely jarring and crisp up close in person. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for makeup and doing it for your own pleasure. But going looking like a drag queen on regular days says a lot about you.

Eventually, the overdone trendy brows have evolved into a more subtle one which looks better than the former. The looks start off as barely there then goes more defined and filled down to the tips. Vision Zendaya’s picture-perfect brows, for example, that’s how it looks like.


Glitter tears

Glitter tears makeup trends

                                                                       Image source: Instagram user shlby.lh

Another glitter trend that is Suki Waterhouse and Elle Fanning approved the glitter tears. It makes a huge statement even with a light dusting. Also, what a quaint excuse to cover up dark circles, isn’t it? This is perfect for festivals and parties. Also, for break-up parties, because then you can wallow infancy tears.


Colored lashes

Have your own moment and paint your lashes blue, yellow, pink, or any color you feel like wearing! This one may attract you some cold and strange stares but we really can’t deny how colored lashes makes us feel funky and playful.

Do some color play and line your lids with a bold color, too. Show people you’re fun personality, go out and wear some color on your face!


Glow-in-the-dark hair

glow in the dark hair

                                                                       Image source: Instagram user guy_tang

Forget about glow sticks and kick your rainbow hair up a notch—choose your hair color/s and ask for a glow-in-the-dark hair dye technique. Unleash the mythical creature in you (a.k.a unicorn) with your new rainbow hair and turn on the black light to see an even more vibrant version of it.


Blurred eyeliner

This one’s not that all complicated. You no longer have to worry about perfect feline flick because you’ll be smudging the line and applying a brush of eye shadow afterward.

You start by drawing your usual cat eye flick. Then as mentioned earlier, smudge and brush it with the same shadow color as the liner to give it that soft and blurry effect while keeping the underside a crisp, clean line. Not-so-perfect cat eye on a Monday? Give it a quick smudge and voila!


Hand makeup

hand makeup trends

                                                                  Image source: Instagram user m_keeeeen2

No, this isn’t using your hands for color corrections or covering/smoothing out flaws. It’s actually drawing realistic eyes on the back of your hand, full on makeup which requires impeccable patience. And if you’re wondering whether they look beautiful, yes, they do. They’re fascinating.


What’s your favorite Instagram beauty and makeup trends? Tell us in the comments below!


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