How to Loose Fat from Face

Get Rid of Face Fat

Fat or chubby face is a serious problem nowadays. We can overcome this problem by doing exercise and eating good nutrients diet. Here I have outlined my own experience and the best possible ideas that will help you to get rid of face fat faster. Before going ahead let us discuss about the causes of the chubby cheeks.


  • Poor diet.
  • Stress and sleeplessness.
  • Excessive alcohol intake.
  • Overdose of sugar and salt in diet.
  • Genetic inheritance.

How to get rid of this problem:

  • Avoid alcohol

Alcohol makes your face puffy and makes the face like a living corpse face. It dehydrates the body and makes your face appear bloated.

  • Eat diet rich in nutrients-

Eat healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in protein that helps to cutof the fat easily.

  • Avoid junk food-

Avoid fast food that is the no 1 cause for face fat. Avoid them as they reduce our metabolism rate.

  • Hydrate your body

Dehydration creates water retention and makes the face appear bloated. Drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water daily. Water helps to reduce face fat and flushes toxins out of your body and moreover it will make your face clean and bright.

5    Reduce overall body fat

      Fat face grows as the body fat increases. Try to reduce your body weight and eventually you can see the result on your face. You need to burn more than you take in order to lose weight. Never go for ‘no eating’ as it is medically unsafe and could put you in starvation mode which will reduce your metabolism and make it harder for you to lose weight.

6    Face yoga-

Face yoga is the best thing to reduce facial fat. You can do it anytime you feel like, you just have to do is smile and out your lips by sucking in your cheeks like a fish. Hold on to about a minute and as long as you can hold.

7    Avoid intake of sugar and salt-

Avoid foods that are completely loaded with sugar and salt. Sodium cause water retention in body and sugar adds excessive calories of fat to your body. Both of these are the cause for bloating face.

8    Tone your face with facial exercises-

  -do cheek puff exercise by inhaling and holding air in the cheeks. Do it 5-6 times in a day.

  -smile and move your lips to the right side of your face and then move them to right.

  -blow balloons as harder you can as it will tone your cheeks.

  -chew your food at least 40 times while eating

  -Rotate your face up and down, back and front and sideways. This exercise will help you to get  a curve in your face.

  -Chew sugar-free gums as it will cut your calories.

By makeup

These makeup tricks will create an illusion of the slimmer face.

  • Contour-

           Contour is the best thing to show the face look slimmer. Contour allows you to alter the    shape and lines of your face. Apply the foundation in the hollows of your cheeks and both the sides of the nose and blend it. For contouring use the powder that is darker than your skin tone and apply along your cheekbones and blend it from your ears till the side of your mouth.

  • Avoid dark lipsticks-

Don’t use dark lipsticks on your lips as it will make your face look fluffy and fatty and try to put makeup on your eyes like mascara, kajal, eye liner and either leave your lips plain or put simple gloss.

  • Shaped eyebrows-

The foremost thing is your eyebrows which is very important to get slim face.  Take help from beauty experts which shape can suit you.

  • Hairstyle

Choose the hairstyle that makes your face look more shaped. Avoid blunt cutting instead go for steps and layers. Straight hair makes your face look big while vertical buns and curls makes your face look smaller.

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