What Men Find Attractive in Women

Traits of Attractive Women

All men tend to bend for attractive women. There are several traits that men find appealing in women. As we grow up, we experience hormonal changes in our body. We get attracted towards new things, new people and develop curiosity in our minds to know about opposite sex, charming people, becoming attractive etc. All of us want to look beautiful especially for who we admire. But the reverse may not happen. The other person may not feel the same about us too. To attract him go read the below tactics that will definitely help you accrue his glances. The rest you handle..no?? certainly, you can.

Kindness and Boldness

Men look for a woman to be kind and bold at the same time. Women are by nature kind. For them, a nice woman is who is not rude. At the same time, she is bold enough to take her stand and fight for her rights. She should be capable of speaking against wrong things. This is a trait of super attractive women. Practice kindness to be of his type.


A man wants a woman with positive attitude. Instead of finding wrongs and negatives in each and everything she should support him and encourage him. She should not be complaining all time unnecessarily and should be adjusting and positive.


Men want a woman who is sensible and understanding by nature. She should be supportive and must understand his feelings. A woman who speaks nonsense is a major turn-off rather  than being talkative. Instead, she is supposed to be informative and is expected to talk sensible.


An honest woman is always adorable. She should not create a fake or a false personality rather she should be truthful and be the one who she really is. Instead of talking false things which will show her foolishness she should be honest and smart enough which will please the man and will make him fall for her.

Caring And Loving

Nature has endowed women with love and care. It is the most important thing in woman towards which man gets attracted. A Man like a woman who takes care of every small thing and expressing her love and affection towards him. A Man feels proud and sound when his woman, expresses her love for him and support him in every cause.


He wants his woman to be naughty and mischevious. Men love it immensely when women show naughtiness and behave childishly. They get attracted towards woman deeply and just wishes to play and comfort her.

Flirt at times

Not always but sometimes man really wishes his woman to flirt with him and make him feel cherishable. They love it when a woman flirt with them gently love then naughtily.


Educated and smart women are always wanted. They must possess an impressive and learned personality. Men always get attracted towards, bold and independent personality in women.

Adorable and Sexy

Slender and sexy women look tremendously beautiful to men. Extra efforts to look beautiful and well groomed is always needed when it comes to stand-out in a crowd. Wear beautiful and complimentary clothes. Apply a right amount of make especially when you wants him to look at you. Wear heels to add more to your glam look. Hit Gym or practice yoga. It keeps you spiritually fit and fresh and helps in maintaining a wow-figure.

So now, you have learnt few additional things you were missing till date. Go get set beautiful and attractive. Keep a soft heart and stand firm. You wont be compaining he is not noticing you anymore because you are an attractive women now!!!

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