How to Nail the Perfect Selfie

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The Perfect selfie is the current rage. Whether you want to celebrate a perfect moment or flaunt your new hair-do, whether you want to show-off your best friend to the world or your love for a pet, the selfie is the perfect way to perfectly capture any precious moment. But, getting the right selfie can be a pretty tricky task. You may have to go through the task of clicking a million pictures before getting the right one. Fret not! Because, here are a few tips that will help you absolutely nail the selfie…



If your phone’s front camera is good enough to take the perfect selfie, then that’s great! If not, don’t you worry! There are so many apps that help improve the selfies your phone takes. They come with in-built filters and all kinds of brightness adjustments. Apps like YouCam Perfect- Selfie Cam and Candy Camera ae the best in the business. So, download them and you’re good to roll.



Always choose the place and time for a selfie wisely. People tend to get carried away and take selfies at inappropriate times. Don’t do that. Take selfies at the right occasion. Also, choose the place that has a nice feel to it. Choose pleasant surroundings with great lighting. Because, the better the lighting, the greater the selfie. Also try to take selfies when the lighting is amazing- before sunrise and after sunset.



For getting your selfie right, you need to be aware of the right way to hold your phone. Do not make too many unnecessary movements. Make sure the angle of your selfie is right. Some angles add unnecessary extra weight. So, try out all angles and choose the best one. Also, make sure your shoulder level is right to avoid any clumsiness in the selfie. Whether you’re holding the camera with either hands or a selfie stick, make sure you hold it right and release the shutter smoothly. Use the right filter, only when necessary. Don’t be hasty and destroy your own selfie.



While many would prefer to take selfies of their entire faces, some go for either the left or right profile. Experiment with the angles and first view in the camera, which of the two sides of your face looks better. If your left profile is better than the right, stick to it. If not, do it the other way round. Enhancing your best side is a trick to make your selfie look better.



If you want to flaunt your accessories like a hat, or an ear-ring, make sure that that it’s clearly visible in the selfie. Make it seem effortless while trying to divert all the attention to whatever it is you’re flaunting in your selfie. If you’re taking a selfie with another person, make sure the both of you are focused perfectly and equally. If you take care of this, your selfie will surely look amazing.



Get innovative with your poses. Ditch all the cliched poses, like the duck-face or sticking your tongue out. Keep it simple. Simple always works. If you’re the experimental type, invent your own pose. Do something new. Make it seem even more attractive. If you’re not so much into that idea, then go with your natural smile. Smile wide. It never stops being attractive.


A Tip :

To get a perfect selfie.. buy a perfect camera.


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