Out of Style Fashion Rules

The fashion rules are a hard thing to follow. A constantly changing rulebook that is redefined with every era and every designer, there are many ideas that are defunct and useless. Today, many designers and self-proclaimed fashionistas advocate breaking the rules and finding a personal style of self-expression.


While some of these designers truly live outside-the-box, not everyone is comfortable living on the edge. If you want to figure out which out-of-style fashion rules you can completely and utterly ignore, read on for some of the best tips and tricks.


Mixing Colors

mixed colour clothes

In the past, mixing certain colors in your clothing—like black and brown or black and blue—was taboo. The general consensus was that since these are all neutrals, they shouldn’t be worn at the same time. These fashion rules has been broken and crushed on the runways, retail stores, and online boutiques everywhere.


By extension, mixing patterns is also a rule you can discard. Pattern play is extraordinarily fun and can create a number of unique outfits.


Another color mixing rule that was once a no-no was wearing gold and silver jewelry at the same time. People once thought that the combination looked cheap, but now stacking several different metals, gemstone colors, and jewelry styles are considered boho chic and is highly fashionable.


Dress For Your Shape

There is an established system of body categorization that places every woman into a shape: oval, pear, apple, triangle, hourglass, and inverted pear. Then, these women are often advised to accentuate the “good” parts of themselves while hiding the “bad.” For example, a woman with small shoulders and large hips is a pear shape. As such, she should wear lots of ruffled shirts and tops to maximize her shoulders, as well as A-line skirts to minimize her hips.


Women everywhere are fighting these fashion rules and wearing what they love. Body acceptance has led them to love every part of their bodies, and “bad” parts no longer exist. You don’t need to accentuate a small bust with bows or accentuate your waist with belts any longer.


Look in the Mirror

Looking in the mirror before you leave and taking off one item used to be the rule that ensured your outfit wasn’t too wild. Now, layered clothing and explosions of colorful jewelry are accepted and encouraged. The only reason to look in the mirror now is to make sure that you love what you’re wearing.


Formal wear is Formal

Once upon a time, to look formal and elegant, you needed to wear a blouse or a dress with a blazer or shawl. Those days are long gone. People everywhere are dressing up t-shirts with a nice pair of slacks or an exciting, formal skirt. Throwing on a pair of heels makes everything look chic and sophisticated, even a t-shirt and a denim jacket.


Don’t let your clothing get categorized as formal or casual. Elevate your casual wear or dress down your formal wear as you please.


Women Should Wear

women formal wear

Categorizing clothing as specifically for men or women is an old idea that needs to change. Both women and men can and should wear whatever style of clothing they want, no matter which side of the aisle it comes from. Some women love the juxtaposition of an incredibly feminine piece with a stiff, boxy men’s shirt, while others like the comfort and lines of men’s jeans. Wearing what you think looks good on you is the only prerequisite when shopping.




There are plenty of ways to wear the same item, and any number of places to wear them. Nobody says a skirt can’t be a shirt or a headband can’t be a necklace. If you love how it looks and it feels comfortable, you can wear an item any way you want. Necklaces as bracelets cut up shirts as skirts, and dresses as shirts are all amazing ways to reinvent your wardrobe essentials.



In today’s fashion world, self-expression is the only rule. Wear what you love, love what you are wearing, to show the world who you are and what you think. There’s no need to stay in the shadows and blend in with the crowd. Fashion has now become about making a statement. Make your statement with a wardrobe that showcases your personality.


Author Bio:

Frankie Little is a fashion designer and freelance writer from Los Angeles. Combining her personal passion for style with her expertise in the fashion industry, she has helped to develop new lines for fashion houses around the world. When she is not busy designing and attending fashion shows, she enjoys writing informative articles geared towards helping others create new seasonal looks.



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