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Prisma turns your mundane photos into superb artworks. It was created in June 2016 by Alexey Moiseenkov. It helps to turn your memorable photos into a more beautiful way by creating your boring photos in an artistic way using artificial intelligence that relies on AI technology. Prisma create something like a real artist make and it’s not similar to normal filters which just layer over your photos like instagram filters. Prisma filters won’t give you a glow or makes your skin fairer; rather it will create your photo naturally and without popping your background. As it scans the data of your photo to give your Photo an impressible and unique style.


Developers are working on expanding this app artwork technology to video and this kind of work hasn’t been done before in any manner. The creator of Prisma Moisennkov has given the glimpse of how prisma filters will work in video as he thinks it’s a great and easier way to express yourself. It transforms the photos into an original artwork by using styles of many famous artists of the world for ex. Picasso, leviathan etc. It detects boundaries and patterns of your photo and whatever features you select it arranges the pattern of the selected filter and gives you a combined image made from neural network processing which will be entirely new image then what you gave.

It has recently became one of top-10 iPhone app as after a week of its launch, this app gained an enormous popularity worldwide and received about 1 million active users and 7.5 million downloads.


How does prisma works?


  • Download the Prisma from play store if you have an android phone, from itunes if you have an apple phone or you can also download it straightly from the google.


prisma app

  • Open the app; you don’t need to set an account for it because there is no social element.
  • You will get the screen displaying the camera. Ditto like this



  • Take fresh photo or take from the existing ones. An awesome thing is you can take photos in the dark also using the flash option.



  • Once you select your photo, you’ll ask to crop or rotate your photo. Do as per your wish.



  • Click next when you are done with these settings.




  • Now it will take you to the magnificent artistic land where you can make an art of yours like a professional artists.



  • Swipe from left to right and try them. Select the filter which suits you the best and wait till you get the result.



  • While applying the filters, you can slide your fingers on the photo to increase or decrease the intensity of the effect.


  • Share the photo wherever you want to or you can simply download it and you will get it in your gallery Prisma. There is an option to upload it on instagram, tag your friends!




How to get rid of the watermark Prisma?


  • Usually, Prisma photos have its watermark in the bottom.



  • Don’t get distracted as if it annoys you, get rid of it by clicking the settings.





  • Shut off the option “Add watermark “. You can see many options there to select like save original photos, save artworks automatically etc.



How to fix the problem of unfortunately stopping error in prisma on android?


The problem may come because of the latest version of prisma app available in the google app store, and the one you installed on your android devices might be an outdated version or it can be because of the excessive cache whether of your device or of the prisma app.

Methods :

Clear the data or cache of the prisma


  • Open settings of your android device > applications manager> all apps.
  • Locate the app prisma and click on it to open its settings.
  • Click on clear cache and restart your device.


Update the latest version


  • Simply go to Google play store and search Prisma.
  • Click to update your app to get the latest version.


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