Skin Care This Monsoon

We all simply love our skin and want to take care of it. We don’t want a single pimple or spot on it. We are always ready to follow each and every step to make it beautiful. We want to enjoy the rain without harming our skin. But the rainwater gets polluted on its way and fall in the form of acid rain that is harmful to skin. So, special care and treatment is a must for skin care in monsoon.

Skin Care in Monsoon


Use Cleansers and Soaps

It is important that your skin gets proper nourishment hence it should be washed with cleansers, soaps and scrub to protect it from bacteria in rainwater.
Drink lot of Water

Drink extra and ample amount of water which will purify your blood and will make you beautiful from inside. This will eliminate unnecessary toxins and pigments from your blood which will show on your skin.
Use Moisturizer

Using lotions and moisturizers will make your skin smooth which will not allow the rain drops to settle on your face and will make your skin soft and supple. Hence, it will protect your skin from harmful acidic rainwater.
Use Sunscreen 

It is not necessary to use sunscreen only in sunny climatic conditions. It provides a safe cover to your skin and keeps it safe and protected from harmful UV rays.
Wash your face in regular intervals

Wash your face as soon as you reach home. When you are outdoor, dirt gets deposited on your skin and sticks to it. Washing your face regularly while reaching home will remove all the harmful dirt and dust from your skin and will enhance its beauty.
Apply Milk Cream

Applying milk cream to your lips will take care of them and will make them soft. Unfavorable climatic conditions will dry up your lips and will degrade their quality. So, apply milk cream and protect your lips.
Use Aloe Vera

Apply aloe vera gel on your skin to cool it and provide nourishment to it. Cut the aloe vera leafs and spread the gel smoothly on your skin which will make it soft and kill the harmful germs and bacteria.
It’s time to refresh your beauty with all new monsoon beauty tips and become smart and beautiful which you deserve. So, protect your skin from rain this monsoon and enjoy the nature’s beauty.

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