10 Skin Foods: Eat your Way to Gorgeous Looking Skin

We all wish we were blessed with absolutely flawless skin and a radiant glow. Alas! it ain’t that easy or is it? Well, the body has its own way of making things work for us. It is indeed a proven fact that whatever you eat shows on your face. I know, we all have sleepless nights, tons of workload, a lot of other things to stress about and very little hours of proper sleep. With such hectic and unpredictable schedules, feasting on fast food has also become a way of life for most of us. All these habits combined together are a real hazard to our very own beauty quotient- the skin.  What if I told you, you don’t really need all those expensive salon visits to look beautiful. You can do that by just eating right! In our day to day lives, we forget the fact that eating right is the actual way to attain that perfect natural glow from within. Here is a list of skin foods that you can feast on to look your best minus the drama and hefty expenses of salons.

Beauty Foods

  1.    Green Tea

By now we all know the benefits of green tea. It accelerates the metabolism and cuts down those extra pounds. Do you know that green tea can make your skin glow and supple with its treasure trove of antioxidants and polyphenols apart from other minerals such as magnesium and potassium. Some beauty brands have also created beauty products that contain green tea extracts given its numerous benefits. You may also use the contents of  used tea bags to make a DIY face pack using a few drops of lemon juice and coconut/olive oil to make a smooth paste.


  1.    Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C but they are also a storehouse of antioxidants and carotenoid.  The nutrients in tomatoes help slow the aging process while removing free radicals from the body. So, with tomatoes, you can bid farewell to the fear of developing wrinkles and welcome a naturally glowing skin. Tomatoes may also be applied externally on the skin and are known to be very good natural bleaching agent. Therefore, if you have been tormented by those sunburns, then you know where to look in the refrigerator for its cure.


  1.     Yogurt

Yogurt is laden with probiotics that help maintain your gut bacteria so that the digestion process is not hampered. It also contains amino acids that have been proved to reduce those ugly dark circles we all have had at some point of time. So, if you have been working late and haven’t had enough sleep you know what you must eat to bring back that radiance in your eyes.


  1.    Lemons

We all are aware of all the amazing benefits of combining lemon juice with honey and lukewarm water to shed those extra kilos. Do you know that eating lemons can do much more than just that? Lemons contain a huge amount of Vitamin C, required to maintain and nourish the skin. Lemon alkalizes the acidic body, an acidic body is where diseases creep in and alkalizing the body is a very important step to maintaining its proper functioning. Lemons help in doing that; when your body is more alkaline and less acidic you will automatically look your best. It also boosts the immune system fighting infections like a pro and is also a great source of fiber. What more do you need? Go get some lemons, ladies!


  1.    Coconut Oil

A lot of researchers were apprehensive about the benefits of coconut oil but recent findings suggest that coconut oil could be possibly the wonder food we all need. Coconut oil is laden with medium chain fatty acids that are easily absorbed into the blood and can be readily converted into energy. This wonder oil boosts your sluggish metabolism, improves endocrine functions and does not clog the arteries to give you a healthy circulatory system. Coconut oil can also reduce the ageing process dramatically and is  an excellent moisturizer if applied topically.


  1.    Olive Oil

Recent studies have proved that Olive oil can considerably delay ageing in men and women. A regular consumption of olive oil can enhance the blood circulation in your skin and keep it supple. The mono saturated fatty acids in olive oil help in countering the free radicals that make the skin look dull and tired. Olive oil also has great anti-inflammatory properties that help rejuvenate the damaged skin cells from within. Combine them in those scrumptious salads this winter and forget the wintry skin challenges forever.


  1.    Water

With growing pollution, heavy intake of fast food, growing consumption of alcohol and other harmful habits. Smoking etc are all leading to a lot of toxin build-up in the body. What can be better than water to wash off all that toxin build-up in our systems? Apart from just flushing our systems of those toxic elements, water also hydrates the skin keeping it firm and supple. Therefore, ladies get a bigger water bottle for your workplace, gym, and even homes. Set a target of drinking at least 3 liters of water daily if you really want a natural glow.


  1.    Dark Chocolate

“I don’t eat chocolates.” said no one. So, ladies just binge on those amazing dark chocolate bars to your heart’s delight. Apart from being just delicious these babies have a hell lot of properties that can make you look like a queen, all naturally. Dark chocolate contains high amounts of cocoa flavanol and antioxidants. They work together to improve circulation while fighting the free radicals accumulated in your system. If dry and scaly patches on your skin have been your nightmare then this is the time you indulge in those amazingly delicious chocolate bars to help you fight the dry winters. Or else, why would those salons charge exorbitant amounts of money for those chocolate facials? Ladies, go and get those bars and eat them away or melt some. Make a DIY Chocolate face-pack for that gleaming skin.


  1.    Cod Liver Oil/ Fatty fish

Fishes contain enough Omega-3-Fatty acids to nurture the skin and repair it from within. You may eat fishes like sardines, salmons, hilsa, and cod fish etc. which are absolute storehouses of essential fatty acids. If you are not much of a fish eater or lover then you may also try the cod liver oil in the form of capsules that are easily available in pharmacies. We have all been very frightened of the sudden breakouts that appear out of nowhere. These pimples and acne are a real hazard, especially if you have an important event lined up or an interview or a wedding. Cod liver oil is also an excellent source of Vitamin A and helps to control those acne breakouts. So, if you have been tormented by acne all your life, you better take resort in the goodness of cod liver oil.


  1.    Walnuts

Walnuts are a great source of omega-3-fatty acids called alpha linolenic acid. It is known to fight skin dryness and patchy skin. So if you are a vegetarian and cannot eat fish or cod liver oil, walnuts are the best alternative to provide your skin with the necessary fatty acid boost to keep it hydrated and soft.


Now that you know about all these amazing skin foods. Go and indulge in some and help your skin fight all those challenges that have been bothering you. Combine these skin foods with a healthy daily regimen such as yoga and avoiding fast food. See how miracles start working for your skin.

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