The latest whimsical hair trend you’ll want to try

Have you been dying to change your hair? Find rainbow hair trend really cool but don’t want to go that bold and can’t really take the risk? Well, the solution for your dilemma is finally here. Get in the know about the latest hair trend — opal hair.


Whether you’ve been wanting a gray hair, pastel hair or rainbow hair but really can’t decide which one to choose, opal hair is a great middle ground and will definitely be worth it.


Hair Trend


Well-known celebrity colorist who has worked with Lady Gaga, Aura Freidmen, stated in Pop Sugar how she came up with the fanciful hair color: “Opal is my birth stone, and it’s one of my favorite stones, so I started doing it on wigs a long time ago,” she said.


“[It] is not just one color. It’s different colors from root to end and those different colors sit on top of other colors,” she expounded. “It reflects a different color every which way you look at it. If you tilt it one way you see more of the pink, and if you tilt it another way you see more of the green.”


Take a look at more examples of this unicorn-like hair trend:

Unicorn hair trend


Oh, and if you’re sporting a brunette ‘do, don’t fret just yet. This hair color trend also blends well with dark hair hues. Here’s what it looks like:

hair color


If you plan on getting this look, do consult and have a professional get it done. If you think you’re a master of hair dyeing, go on and do it yourself but if possible, ask for assistance. This is not the best hair color dye job to do alone and we don’t like to commit over-toning, do we? Best advice would be to have it colored by a professional.


A friendly reminder though, this hair color, just like the granny gray hair, tends to fade eventually. Furthermore, opal hair color actually fades quickly due to nuanced color. It is not a low-maintenance hair color. You have been warned.




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