10 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Can Change Your Life

We are all in search of happiness. It’s just that we derive that happiness from a variety of things. It could range from owning some material delights to simple acts of kindness. The definition of happiness varies from person to person but at the deepest level, we are all but one. We fight the same challenges in life. All of us crave for love and acceptance. We all are in search of that inner state of peace and contentment.

No matter how awesome your life may be right now, there have been times which were difficult and challenging. We all have been through testing times. We have all managed to sail through those hurdles and make it on our own. To live a fulfilling life there has to be a holistic approach towards nurturing yourself. This encompasses your physical as well as spiritual well-being.


Here are a few healthy lifestyle changes we can incorporate into our lives to make it a little easier and much more rewarding.


  1.    Start your day with meditation and prayer

I know most of us are bogged down by our daily schedules and hectic work-life imbalances. Devoting few minutes to an early morning prayer or meditation looks out of the question. I mean, who has all that time? Well, you do. Start your day with a small meditation for around 15 minutes. Practice breathing deeply and concentrate on your breath, relax and meditate. Devote few minutes to pray for the world, to ease other people’s sufferings, pray for the innocent Syrian refugees or for the soldiers who guard our borders, then pray for yourself, your family. You don’t have to be religious to do this. Meditation connects you to your inner self and helps you gain clarity in life. Do this for a few days and you will be able to see the difference in your life evidently.


  1.    Exercise

We all are victims of a fast paced life, competition and huge loads of responsibilities. Under such circumstances, it is easy to make and break fitness goals every day. Do not stress yourself with joining a gym or expensive fitness routines. Start with a simple brisk walk in the park in your neighborhood or indulge in some Pranayam to give that sluggish metabolism a boost.


  1.    Be compassionate

Being compassionate is a must in today’s world where cruelty and human suffering is rampant. Put yourself in the shoes of others and empathize with them. Be kind and gentle and help people in need.


  1.    Be courageous

Sometimes having a compassionate soul isn’t enough. There will be times when you will need courage to be kind. For instance, witnessing a road accident may be very traumatic and you may genuinely feel bad for a victim but it takes courage to walk up to the one suffering and help them.


  1.    Eat right

You are what you eat. We are the generation that would prefer burgers to home cooked meals but it is not long before you realise that your eating habits are taking a toll on your health. Do not skip breakfast eat a healthy serving of breakfast that will pull you throughout the day. A balanced lunch and a light dinner are all that you need to keep the metabolism kicking and for that perfect glow on your face.


  1.    Do not procrastinate

We all have this dreaded disease of procrastination whether it be paying the bills ,studying for an exam, planning an event, conversing with people, working on our fitness goals implementing a change or anything for that matter. Procrastination is the biggest enemy of our lives and there can be no one else but you who can rid yourself of this menace. Get things done on time and see the magic unfurl in your lives.


  1.    Do the pep talk

Yes, people may think it is crazy but research has proven that people who motivate themselves are the ones who are more productive. Get up in the morning and even before you begin your day look in the mirror tell yourself you are beautiful, you are courageous, you are strong and give your self-esteem the required boost. Start your day by motivating yourself and see how things turn in your favor.


  1.    Be grateful

Practice gratitude every day. Say thank you to God for all the things he has blessed you with and also thank him for all the challenges that you have faced so far as these are the instances that really made you strong and successful in life .Be grateful to the people who make your lives easier such as the gatekeeper, your plumber, the garbage man everyone. Once you start appreciating everyone’s role in your life you will automatically see the shift in your attitude towards life.


  1.    Read

We don’t have time would be the common excuse for this but all I am saying is read something informative every day. If you are not much of an avid reader and do not like huge books to finish then just pick up the newspaper and read about the world news or read a blog that gives you serious travel goals or read something spiritual or light heart. Choose what works for you and read. Reading helps widen your imagination and knowledge and in turn, makes you much more substantial. Believe it or not.


  1.    Love yourself

Our world comprises of all the relationships we make and all the interactions we have. In this constant effort to remain connected with the rest of the world, we tend to forget what we yearn for within. We forget to love ourselves the way we are. Being under the constant social scanner is a bane for most of us. Stop comparing yourself to others and place yourself as the first priority in your life. You were born awesome and you will live awesomely. 


We are all part of the large cosmic scene and we are all the same. Respect each other’s dignity and the right to existence. Let us all accept ourselves the way we are and strive to excel each day in comparison to what we were a day before. Incorporate these small lifestyle changes and see how miracles start happening more in your lives.

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