Life Skills Every Woman Must Have

Life skills in women life are not only significant, it is a confidence booster. Our world is different from that our mothers and grandmothers lived in. There are many things that never go out of fashion like attitude, etiquettes, manners and feminism. Every bit of life skills adhered by women makes them wiser.

Go Beautiful ladies! Embrace great life skills and makes your life easy and feel the self-satisfaction.


Maintain your accounts

Women need to be more responsible for their own financial well-being. They should know how to handle their accounts, file their tax returns, save for rainy days. They should closely follow stock markets sensibly and plan investments wisely.

manage your finances

Handle legalities

Women must know how to handle their legal hassles themselves. Successful women sign any documents or paper after going through it thoroughly covering all points.

signing document

Handle car issues themselves

Understand the essentials of car handling. Women should know how to check tire pressure level, inflate tires, jumpstart a car, change car tire, change oil and deal with basic car issues themselves. Practice doing it unless you master it.

changing car tire

Be courteous with others

Smart women know how to deal with people effortlessly. To be charming, act respectful and nice with people. Know how to stand for themselves. Know how to be social and professional at the same time without affecting any one side of life.

social women


Carry smartly

To shine bright you should learn to look graceful, charming and attractive at the same time. Wisely applied makeup can do magic to bring up your beautiful side. Well carried clothes, healthy mane and sound body language

carry smartly

Self Defense

Successful women need to be anywhere at any time. Scary people, dark areas should not hinder their way. They need to prepare themselves for this. Learn how to defend yourself and tricks to attack attacker. Know how to use everyday things as weapons. Enroll yourself in a self defense learning session. This will add up confidence and fitness in you.

self defense

Learn to cook

Learn the mastery of cooking so that you do not have to rely on others to feed you. This saves you from the dread of inviting anyone. Girls who cook well are thought to be responsible and caring.


Travel solo

Sharp women do not fear travelling alone. They don’t need a body guard to follow them everywhere they go. Learn to pack efficiently and to travel with courage.

solo traveller

Basic First-aid

All of us should know how to deal with minor injuries. Learn to give first aid, CPR etc. These small little things can make big differences in life if given on time.

first aid

Breast self exam

Learn to be precautious when it comes to health. You should know how to learn a breast self examination. Do it regularly.

breast self examination



Easy and simple life hacks can make your life easy and smooth. Nothing can stop a smart woman when she has brain and intelligence followed by charm.


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