Are You Safe? 6 Personal Safety Tips To Consider

On the surface, today’s world can seem pretty dangerous. Would it surprise you to learn that you are actually living in what is considered to be the safest time period in history? While crime rates continue to decrease and the world becomes safer, it can be tough to shake the feeling that crime is just around the corner. The unfortunate reality is that it could be, and things like social media and the news don’t help to calm your nerves.

If only there were a guarantee that you would never be put in a dangerous situation or be the victim of a crime, but that’s not possible. Instead, read on to learn how you can stay prepared to further reduce your chances of being a victim.


Here are 6 personal safety tips for you to consider:

Know Your Surroundings

safe surroundings

Most cities in America have a neighborhood where crime rates tend to be higher than average. If you don’t already know where this area is in your city, you should take some time to find out. While you don’t have to necessarily avoid it completely, it can help to take extra precautions while visiting. For example, in a neighborhood that experiences a higher rate of car break-ins, you’ll want to ensure that your car is secure and that you aren’t storing any valuables inside of it. This might not prevent somebody from breaking in, but it can help to minimize the damages if someone were to break in.

This tip is especially helpful when you’re visiting a new city for the first time. You’ll want to book your lodging in an area that you’re comfortable in so that you can enjoy your trip stress-free. A quick Google search can help familiarize you with the area, putting your mind at ease.


Gear Up

pepper spray

Thanks to a huge range of personal safety devices out on the market right now, there are more ways than ever to protect yourself. A small can of pepper spray attached to your keychain or in your purse can be an extremely effective tool for warding off any potential attacker. They’re easy to use, portable, and provide great results.

Other gear you should consider includes tasers, stun guns, holsters for your weapons, and apparel items like boots or backpacks. To have the ability to escape in a dangerous situation, a good pair of boots will provide the traction, stability, and comfort you need.


Staying Physically Ready

Staying in shape can help you to physically avoid an encounter. If you feel uncomfortable or are threatened, having the ability to run away and draw attention to yourself is crucial. We’ve all heard the phrase “fight or flight.” In an emergency scenario, you may have to fight to protect yourself. Lifting weights or taking martial arts classes can definitely help you to be better prepared to fight. However, it is highly recommended that you don’t attempt to fight unless it’s completely unavoidable.


Get Up To Date


Part of staying safe is staying well informed. Crimes follow trends and knowing what the current trend is may help you to avoid it. If there’s been a string of break-ins in your neighborhood, it will help you to know the circumstances so that you can prepare your home. You have to be careful with this tip, however, because it can be very easy to lose yourself in all the crime stories floating around—some of which are completely false.


Be Alert

Thanks to phones, tablets, and MP3 players, it’s no surprise that you get distracted while you’re out and about. Staring down at your phone makes you a prime target for pickpockets or other criminals, as you will be caught flat-footed and defenseless. Be smart about when and how often you allow yourself to be distracted. If you’re walking through a secluded or dark area, try to stay alerted and ready.



If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, it can be helpful to have some line of communication going. For example, if you’re walking to your car after hours and it’s dark out, hop on the phone with a friend or family member and let them know where you are. Having somebody else know your whereabouts will give you peace of mind, and talking on the phone with them could make you a smaller target to potential predators as they don’t want to be caught. Furthermore, staying in touch with your neighbors and coworkers will help you to stay on top of local problems.

One of the most important things you can do to improve your safety is to stay prepared for anything. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to set up a doomsday shelter or that you need to drop thousands of dollars on safety equipment. Taking even just one precaution will make you safer than you were before, and can improve your mood and overall well-being.


While you want to take steps to protect yourself, it is essential that you don’t get too caught up in it all. Stressing too much about always being on guard can really wear you down. Do some research, be reasonable, and take some steps to live a safer and happier life. Good luck!


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