Neuroscientists Share the Secret of Becoming Perfectly Happy

Follow eight methods to realize essential neuro-scientific happiness levels!

We are justified in thinking that every person nurses the idea of being happy though happiness may mean different things. Yet most of us equate happiness with the fulfillment of materialistic desires, which is not always a solution. It is true that money can buy the essential aspects of food, shelter, and clothing that contribute towards a basic happiness.

The idea that 1.3 billion earthly inhabitants are in search of happiness at this moment is probably quite correct. After all, happiness is not permanent and carries no guarantees. We may be covered by insurance policies and the millions, mighty physical infrastructure, armed bodyguards and a body of great doctors.

Breaking up the happiness levels in the brain provides some interesting findings. Chemicals in the brain promote happiness or the absence of it. Everybody has witnessed how momentary happiness really is. Give a child a chocolate and the face lights up in smiles. Gifts on birthdays invite similar responses. Winning an election might result in the ultimate happiness. Yet the same happiness hardly lasts beyond a few minutes, a few hours and perhaps for years. Amidst the flux of time, it appears that nothing is permanent amidst nothingness as the Buddhists would make us believe.

Getting at the root of those happiness enhancing chemicals in the brain may help us program our actions and behavior to remain in that perpetually happy state if we possibly could. Let us try and close our thoughts for the moment to the darker side. We certainly cannot be sad and happy at once though certain climates bring the sultry and the cold feeling close together like during the monsoon.


Positive thoughts like during Thanksgiving give rise to serotonin

Happy brain

We have often heard it said that positive approaches should be encouraged. Books have been written on the subject and professional speakers earn huge incomes through repeating the positivity theme.  Well wishing, greetings and congratulatory messages, thanking God and fate for favors received like health, wealth and happiness are all positive thoughts. Common sense indicates that we are thinking on the hopeful side and witnessing the brighter aspects of existence! In the mind are happy memories that motivate such a response. What happens is that serotonin has been activated in the anterior cingulate cortex of the brain. Situations and circumstances would decide if we can maintain that positive approach but everyone should try.


Successfully hitting upon solutions creates neurotransmitters

The mind is constantly seeking answers to the excessive problems that surround in every field. The quest could only be successful if the sea of problems is broken down and tackled just one at a time. Like a child doing homework in multiple subject areas, only one subject at a time is possible. Besides, plenty of energy goes into the chasing after solutions. Being unsuccessful only gives rise to stress but success brings a reward of neurotransmitters that brings peace to the limbic system and encourages further effort.  


Talking it over certainly, helps find solutions with serotonin

The idea may not be new that bottled up fears and anxieties only result in things getting worse. Many people and children keep silent about emerging problems and that results in worse situations that could have been easily defused. Let us learn from war situations when talks have prevented conflicts and resulted in treaties being signed. Much of the daily work procedures all over the world involve some form of verbal communication through technology has more and more to say. Revealing your thoughts and that might include pent up frustrations, fears and anxieties has a therapeutic effect. The result would be positive thinking after serotonin has been produced in the hopeful brain.


The immense power of tactile communication

Watching celebrities and their media hugs do remind of the essential shared feeling of physical communication beyond formal handshakes. Patting the back and placing the hand on the head have been traditionally practiced for ages, even by prophets and sages. A confirmation of togetherness in social interaction is thus achieved and peace stands a better chance! Recovery from sickness may be speeded up under such an impact. In the absence of tactile influences, the brain reacts as if in physical pain with worsening moods and dejected states.


Give learning a chance over and over again

Much of our experiences like adapting to changed circumstances and geographies are connected with our ability to gain purposeful knowledge and apply it. Like exercise, the brain develops and creates its own happiness at the new information with the hormone dopamine. A persistent search after the new and the challenging like sports and hobbies would bring constant doses of happiness. Avoid hesitation and plunge right into the unknown that waits and plenty of that certainly exists in terms of activities waiting to be discovered.


Sporting events are constantly bringing high happiness levels with endorphins

Activity in the realm of sports, physical activity like walks and runs too would provide a great deal of the happiness quotient. The actual process like in hectic sports forms does bring strain to the body muscles, nerves and blood vessels. Yet, as soon as that stress is ended come relief and the release of endorphins. The pituitary gland releases them. That explains why walks and runs finally get ecstatic. We should be doing more of that on a regular basis and almost everybody worships such activities for successful work.


A good night’s sleep perhaps with a sleep mask on does wonder

sleep and brain

The hormone melatonin is produced in the hypothalamus when you sleep restfully in darkened environments. A sleep mask helps towards sustained sleep. A lighted scene wakes up the body systems! Avoid sacrificing regular sufficient sleeping hours unless it is something absolutely urgent.


Keep pleasant hopes alive right through!

Look forward to better things, whether it is a wild party, a vacation or a new house. The brain creates pleasure at the expectation itself. That is why we are often on top of the world though the future is actually quite uncertain. Positive thinking again, spinning around like the eternal wheel.


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