Eight Things to do for your Happiness and Not for a Perfect Partner!

Experience eight times greater happiness than is worthy than flawless spouses! 

Particularly in youthful times, most would imagine that marriage and the spouse hold a world of happiness. We are familiar with the little mean jokes too of slavery and a prison-like world after marriage with freedom curtailed. Yet we naturally continue to dream of that heavenly conjugal bliss that has captivated many great lovers through history. While many of us can hardly wait to get into that magic kiss and embrace with the spouse to be, perhaps a little caution would be in order!

Those obsessed with spouses need to remember that many phenomena make up the world besides love and marriage and the dangers contained therein. The meaning of life is derived from many sources indeed. Self-realization dawns in sometimes the oddest of ways, perhaps amidst nature or in a factory. In spite of the greatest spouse and the worthiest children, discover happiness outside that charmed circle, if it is so written in your karma.


Find here 8 Things to do for your Happiness and not for a perfect partner.

1. The blessings of health and wellness

A comprehensive good health would include the wellness theme and a deeply spiritual outlook free from materialistic desires. In the absence of debilitating health conditions, we are ready to take on the world. No challenge is too great once the physical and mental faculties are in place. Ensure that vibrant good health does not leave you and back it up with a vigorous lifestyle of sports and exercise, perhaps meditation too.


2. A career in the clouds!

If you love and enjoy the professional adventures perhaps in hospitality or healthcare, apart from the income, consider yourself lucky. Millions work as a kind of punishment to find food, shelter, and clothing alone. Find your true calling that would bring the happiness reward, a special price to pay if you have to quit what you trained for and spent half the life with. If you worked as an engineer and want to get into a business, many do that with study opportunities in middle age. Don’t take too many risks though!


3. Find a flock of sincere friends who will stand by your side no matter what

Rare as diamonds are, perhaps true friends are rarer! The greatest quality that binds friends together is a deep understanding. Can social media friends be classified in the same way? Yes and no. people often say that a true friend would do more for you than any relative could. Never let true friends vanish but hold on to them with hoops of steel, as Shakespeare might have put it. The little association would grow with time, especially now with all the benefits of technology that has reduced the world to a village.


4. Get stimulated by endearing hobbies and special interests

Whatever activity brings happiness could become a rewarding pastime, whether lucrative or not. Maybe it is funny and brings joy. Well, go ahead and do it, or improve upon an existing activity, be it photography or aquarium fish breeding.  If sustained over the long term, hang on to it forever.  You never know which peak you might reach once you begin trekking! A spark could ignite a flame. Take it easy in the beginning.  –


5. The freedom afforded by sufficient personal savings

Like everybody else, we need to put money by for the dark days since life comes without guarantees of the future! Sources of income could be varied like online jobs part time in addition to the main employment, writing on the side or even selling vegetables. In case things are not working out the way they should, you have the support of the savings for you and the family.


6. Live a life of values and cherished moments

Ethics and values, patriotism and dedicated duty should become the formula for existence. Being true to yourself would help avoid anything that runs counter to cherished ideas of sincerity in dealings. People go to great lengths to shift residences or jobs to be better adjusted to the surrounding reality. Avoid places and people that do not value you and yours.


7. Love yourself before you begin to love the others

The community happiness begins with your own satisfaction with life. Feeling happy about yourself leads to happiness at large with the world. Pamper yourself occasionally like eating favorite foods and shopping the dresses that you find most appealing. Avoid getting frantic about anything and confide in people through a secret part remains in a remote corner of the mind.


8. The self-love spreads outwards to the others

A sincere selfless love originates deep in your heart. Like the life-giving rays of the radiant sun, it spreads and accommodates the whole universe of sentient beings. Happiness is expressed in the face and in the eyes, windows to the soul. Like laughter, love is infectious and spreads on contact. Beginning to love yourself will spread the rays far and wide.


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