How to Be the First One in Your House to Wake Up Early

Waking up early in the morning even before the sun rises is one of the most relieving feelings on earth. You are the left with your cup of tea and there is no one to peek into your peace. However, the very first obstacle one has to face before going for any such commitments is getting out of the most enticing thing that is your bed radiating infinite relief. So here, you are supposed to be hanging between two rivals forcing you both ways. Now here are a few things you can do to wake up early.

1. Go to Bed on Time

Early to bed, early to rise is the most common dictum that says it in one line. Now you can’t be a night owl and an early bird simultaneously. So, better go to bed early and get some good night’s sleep. No matter, how rigid your schedule gets, but try at least not to compromise with your sleep and choose the right time i.e. 9 PM or 10 PM if you want seven to eight hours of sleep.

Get in bed on time

2. No Screen Before Sleep 

Yes, this is the most commonly neglected thing by tech geeks of today. Avoid using the laptop or your cell phone when the sleeping hours are near. The radiations emitted by the screens work like caffeine and gets your brain into tricking that you end up feeling totally awake even though you are very tired to stay up. Rather, choose to read a good book if you like reading. Gadgets disrupt sleep. Unfortunately, adults and kids wake up late at night peeping into the screens. Do not create such environment at your place. 

3. Practice a Self-Care Routine Before Bed

Well, its all about being a manager of your own lifestyle. Get complete hold of your routine for the following day with a feeling of satisfaction by penning down your schedule before going to bed. Try once ad you’ll know yourself what a powerful way it is to attain a feeling of accomplishment leading your way to peaceful sleep. Moisturize your face and body. Drink a glass of water. You can also try reading good books. It is a sleep catalyst.


4. Prepare for Morning

Set morning goals like having a hot cup of coffee while watching nature. Preparing full-day schedule or Going for the morning walk or hitting the gym may be another good reason. You can also practice any hobby like playing music on your favorite instrument. Some people find relieve in doing up household chores or defining and working on career goals.


5. Get a New Alarm Clock or New WakeUp Song

That may just be for breaking your monotony of hearing the same dull ringtone every day. Change is necessary for almost all spheres of life. Be choosy ad use an ecstatic ringtone. This can be a favorite song of yours. For teenagers, this might be a weird suggestion but it works really well. Ask that dear crush of yours to give you a call if possible. Trust me, you will wake up early with the speed of light. A tip, Don’t irritate your partner. 

Alarm clock

6. Prepare to Sleep

The first thing one must do before sleeping is to skim of the layers of constant worrying. Anxiety won’t let you sleep. It usurps all your calm. Don’t indulge in arguments with spouse or co-workers. If you happened to, try to forget everything stressful. Keep calm and happy. In order to escape yourself from continuous fretting, you must start writing things out on a piece of paper. There is a wonderful and really powerful psychology behind this practice. This literally means, your thoughts of anxiety are being poured out somewhere and in a way, clearing your mind from all the disturbing factors that hinder your sleeping patterns.